In the film industry, everybody hopes to be discovered, hopes to find the right people and hopes to get deals that allow them to do what they love. This is not how we like it!

​With PHANTASY we create our own little industry!

​We are a small production company/independent distributor who is involved in all kinds of Indi-Movie Productions. On the TODAY page you can have a look at our current projects.​​​

​Y​ou are a ​FILMMAKER

Apart from presenting our projects and their progress, this side is made for you to connect. We know, that this is a people business and if you want to make it, you have to build a base of people around you, that appreciates your work-ethic and your craft and will help you grow until you are able to make the most amazing films - the kind of films you dreamed about making - that made you drop into the hellfire of this industry. We want to help you with this!

Our contacts are scattered all over Germany (Cologne and Berlin mainly), Lisbon (Portugal), Skopje and Tetovo (Macedonia) - a few outliers in England and the US. And there will be more. Our goal is to know a good root community of filmmakers in every significant country with passing time and if you connect with us, you might be one step closer to that, so:

If you need help to realize your film in any way - shoot us a mail:



Since the beginning we have payed for everything out of our own pockets and we will continue to do so as long as needed - but obviously the door to greater and more ambitious projects might open with someone coming in and being a support or investor of any kind. If you want, you can subscribe to an exclusive investors brief which will notify you (approx. 1 mail a quarter year) about upcoming projects, status of projects and finished projects. Even if you are not able to join with huge numbers, we are grateful for any submission.

​The Dudes

"We don't make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies!" ~Walt Disney

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