The war veteran Tren looses his daughter in a mission transporting a magic book to Andalun, the capital of the mighty country "The Dynasty". Haunted by having finally lost everything he cared about he finds meaning again in helping a young Princess, Ayko, come to terms with her responsibility. But when a conspiracy which was previously just the kings fear turns out to be real, it sets events in motion which will risk the whole world of Atreia. The Battle for the Soul of Mankind has begun - and Tren and Ayko are in the very middle of it, forced to find out if the lessons learned about responsibility hold up against the most sinister fate.



Epic Fantasy, War Movie

“Historical" Drama, Conspiracy


9 Episodes x 50min

3 Episodes/Act


Budget Estimate:

5-15 M$ / Episode


NOTE: A pilot script is written and currently being edited.

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Summary: Tren looses his daughter in a skirmish when transporting a book of magical secrets to Andalun - and her death is his fault.

The warhero Tren lives with his wife and his young daughter, Sophia, in a cabin in the woods. But war calls once more. After he left, his wife was infected with a dangerous disease and died, leaving young Sophia alone for days. When he returned he found her waiting for him - after that fateful day he sold the house in Tilea, took her with him as a traveling merchant and decided never again to put family over duty.

... 10 years later:

When Tren and his now older and carefree daughter Sophia cross the border from Castodia into The Dynasty, they stop in a small village by the name of Karascha. There they find an old friend from the Civil War days in Tilea who is short before his execution. He has a last will: Tren has to bring a magically sealed book of great importance to the City of Andalun - The City of Truth and Capital of the Dynasty. He explains that the lately occurring phenomenon's like poisoned rivers and dead animals had a reason hidden in the pages of this said book.

At first he refuses, knowing they will be hunted by Castodia’s Secret Agents, but realizing that many lives depend on it he finally gives in. Sophia begs him to not leave her again so she is allowed to come with him. They hire two more mercenaries, Adriana and Elon, to accompany them and start by retrieve the book from its secret hiding place in the nearby mountain.

During the crossing of the Spirited Forest though, at night, a stranger asks for refuge in their rune circle which is designed to keep the evil spirits away.

Enter the rune circle, listen to the Forest! - Atmosphere by Gonçalo Silva

Unfortunately he reveals himself - after making sure he was actually talking to the group transporting the magic book - to be an Agent of the Castodian Inquisition.

A skirmish ensues and the Inquisitor is killed - but so are Elon and Sophia. Without being able to hear her last words, Tren has to see Sophia die.

With a deeply broken spirit, Adriana and Tren make their way to the city of Andalun. There Tren plays with the thought of letting himself fall of the cliff which overlooks the city - being responsible for having lost his wife and daughter and no longer caring about the wars of the world.

But Adriana reveals that through a slight of hand the powerful book is still in their possession and she asks him to at least finish the mission with her: To bring the book to the head of the Order of Tian, as they were asked to do. He considers it.

Artwork by Tiago Loureiro


Tren struggles with Duty and Family in the pilot episode. Finally trying to choose both he looses his daughter - the last bit of family that he still had. After returning the magic book to the Order of Tian as duty commanded he fails to continue to make meaning from his life. Cracking inappropriate jokes in a bar he started working in and trying to seduce Adriana who prevented him from killing himself he spirals down a hole of “nothing matters”. The only thing that can heal him will be starting to care again. But he does not have the courage nor does he see clearly that it is this which he lacks. So over the season he learns to care for Adriana, for Princess Ayko of the Dynasty who he starts to train and who later becomes like a daughter to him and eventually about the fate of the people of the Dynasty themselves. His progress will be tested and reverted by conspiracies and lies at the kingly palace but when at the end heroic action in battle is required to defend the innocent people of Teara he shows who he was and might yet again become: A hero of the people, for the people and a Warrior ready to be a leader in the battle for the soul of mankind which will range over the next parts of the story.


Princess Theme - Concept Composed by: Till Duft

Ayko lives her life with her father travelling from one part of the kingdom to another. She is not interested in the fathers business prefers to be left alone to play with her best friend, Ezriel, who is on his way to become a knight. But after an event where they meet a boy, Adam, from the harbor city she finally finds out that there is more than her blissful carefree life. Slowly starting to explore the real world against her father’s will who wants to keep her safe knowing she is the only descended of the dynasty, she starts to pity the beggars for their fate and starts building a small underground well fare state in Adam’s fathers Inn. She gets herself and the king in trouble when she is caught in a conspiracy between good and bad public opinion about her and the royal house and a conspiracy. She is assigned mentors Tren and Usagi by her father to prepare her for the crown. They could hardly be more different from each - a wise old priest and a rugged pessimistic warhero. But they help her come to the realization that taking responsibility is harder and more important than she had known before. When in the final battle she sees the consequences of her actions - the men she had rallied to fight for her almost all die - she realizes her full responsibility. When she allows Ezriel to sacrifice himself in the end to make sure she can make it back to the Dynasty’s Capital of Andalun. She has embraced that her responsibility is more then herself and finds meaning in her task to rule her country despite Ezriels and her father, the kings, death. In the upcoming season she will be tested by a country divided whilst a war with dire odds unfolds around and inside her kingdom.


  • SEASON 1

  • SEASON 2

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Warveteran Tren tries to recover from the loss of his daughter that occurred during a transport mission of a magic book. His journey brings him together with Princess Ayko of “The Dynasty” who he trains so she will be able to defend herself. During the process he learns how to care - about anything be it a person, country or cause - again despite all that has happened and becomes something like a father to Ayko again whilst she realizes her responsibility for herself and her people. But this happens during a cold war and an immanent invasion of a in the magic book mentioned Demon Army summoned by a conspirator at the Demongate. In a battle of survival on a small Island Teara where our main characters stay, the King and Aykos friend and love interest are unable to escape alive and Tren has to become advisor to the queen and father to Ayko who lost her dad. A role that his past has prepared him for.


An intriguing world lays at the base of every good Epic Fantasy production. This is why we are taking special care of populating it bit by bit with unique concepts like our Fagerium fueled airships, nature bound religions and emphasis on real life complexity.




We believe that managing an IP at the base of films, games and books is an important task. Successful IP's (Marvel, Star Wars, League of Legends, Lord of the Rings, Game Of Thrones) seem to only grow in importance and we would like to be in the game, too. Here is our approach:


Jonas David

Writer, Director, Worldbuilding

He was born in the north of Germany, grew up in Cologne and began writing when he was six years old. Over the years, he has worked on over 150 mostly low-budget sets in all positions from boom operator to actor to director and producer. He successfully completed acting school which helped him improve on writing more personal and human stories. Inspired massively by Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and the late Arcane, he wrote and directed over 50 short films and acted in a few smaller German TV series. In the last two years he has worked for a YouTube Channel in content creation and promotion picking up vital marketing skills.

Tiago Loureiro

Concept Art, Worldbuilding

He was born and lived in South Africa for the first twelve years of his life before relocating to Portugal. He is currently a student in the renowned fine art faculty FBAUL completing his drawing degree. In his spare time, he works diligently to grow his skills not merely in concept art but also adjacent fields and life itself. He works well in all environments, has a specific knack for problem-solving concepts in the blue sky phase and iterating within predefined boundaries in teams or alone. He tends to pull inspiration from his experiences and interests which allows him to create more realism & depth in his work. Some of his most prominent interests are contemporary and classic literature, history, cinematography & storytelling in digital media, classical art and digital art.

Norma Giannetta 

Script Editor and Developer

She grew up in Basel and studied at the University of Zurich Master in Film Studies and Media covering various areas from creative producing to distribution. She is an accomplished editing and script coach who also supports the directors that she works with in promotion and distribution matters. She has accompanied and shown Swiss Documentaries in Cinemas of various Distributors and was responsible for the promotion of those films. At the International Short Film Festival Winterthur she is not only a team member but among other things also a curator for the Youth Program and the Head of Pitch Coaching.

Fynn Hofmann


He is a german screenwriter who started to write from early elementary school on. He has written many short stories, screenplays and participated in worldbuilding for fantasy and science-fiction projects. Inspired by different movies and series but also influenced by his in depth studies of history, cultures and politics, worldbuilding and the creating of worlds have become his passion. To him it is most important to find a connection between the historical, political and cultural dimensions of certain events and use the combination of these to create for a functioning story world therefore for a good story that can proof that everything is connected and influences each other. 

Gonçalo Silva

Sound Design

He started gaining most of his experiences when he was 15 years old and joined a band using his bass guitar playing concerts in and around his hometown. He soon got more involved into the technical part of mixing music. Despite suffering under chemotherapeutic treatment he managed to enroll at the University Etic in Lisbon where he is currently completing his Sound Design Studies. He has also worked as a boom operator, mixing live music at festivals, live music at churches, podcasts and commercials. He works very well together with Jonas because from him he can receive a creative direction so he can focus on the best technical solutions for the task.

Ana Machado

Sound Design

She is a Lisbon based Sounddesigner. From when she was able to remember she loved music and started studying it closer at the age of 12. Today, besides musical formations, she plays the piano and the violin. Later she found cinema to be her passion to pursue. She has worked on an array of short film projects in all positions in the apartment from Boom Operator to Sound Director. She is fascinated by the details. She works very close with directors but gives, as every artists does, her own "touch" to her work. She is a big fan of horror and animation movies exactly because of the power of sound. She is currently officially studying sound whilst investing into her own work studio. 

Till Duft

Soundtrack Composer

He was born in Cologne where he grew up together with his friends Jonas and Fynn and is currently working in Freiburg where he studies musicology and german studies at the Albert Ludwigs University. Next to his studies he works as a teacher at the University for Harmony Studies and Counterpoint as well as DJing - also for Ambience and Dance Schools. Most of the time he practices his skills and composes scores for Shortfilms and writes Pop and other commissioned work mostly for Dance Schools and Singer/Songwriters. Starting in October his studies will focus exclusively on composing. Among many role models of his Anton Bruckner and Hans Zimmer are the greatest. It is his special joy to use his music to intrigue and move people within a motion picture - this includes the silent moments after the last note has been played.

Directors Statement

With this series I want to invest in worldbuilding. I believe spending a lot of thoughts on details can really make the whole picture something unique. My philosophy goes something like this: A good director/writer is not the one who makes the right choices, its more importantly the one who makes many choices. Because every time we miss the chance to make a choice on something it becomes generic. And what better place to ask yourself fundamental questions about the workings of the world, society, humanity than when you are forced to make one up? This is why I appreciate the genre so much and believe it is the ultimate choice for genre cross overs - something that has not been done (a lot).

When it comes to telling the story there are a few things I’d love to do: I want to tell a "Chosen One" Story (we have not yet seen many girls with this arc) - but instead of giving our character plot armor (a prophecy that foretells that they will defeat the big bad) she is selected by her heritage: The only heir of the King. She too has a destiny she can not escape, she too is a target for assassination attempts but she can still be killed because nobody knows the future and it therefore does not imply plot-armor. She has no “special one” gene: She was just born into these circumstances and has to fight hard to acquire her skills. This will make it so much more satisfying to see her succeed because before she can we saw her fight for it putting herself on the line.

With Tren I want to explore principles that have been introduced by the father of Logotherapy, Victor E. Frankl: Namely the deduction of meaning from suffering - done his way. To paraphrase from his book Man's Search for Meaning: 'Many of the inmates that had been sent to the concentration camps felt that if they would not be freed again their life had no meaning. To me a different question came to mind: If life’s meaning simply depended on such coincidences, what meaning is there in life at all?' - This is not a nihilistic notion - quite on the contrary it acknowledges that every human being has a choice on how to act in relationship to his/her suffering and to creating meaning from it's inevitability. This way life remains meaningful until the very last moment. Along those lines Tren has to choose how to deal with the loss of his daughter, the last person in the world he truly cared about, changing his response over the length of the first season. I hope it will bring introspection to those who want to stop and think about it.

Artwork by Tiago Loureiro

Why Audiences will LOVE this!

Destiny Theme - Concept Composed by: Till Duft

... because it gives them an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a world with its own culture, religion, rules and politics - presented with the intriguing Mages, Airships and Medieval Battles. This scenario suggests a rich depth to the world that has not yet been unraveled. We hope they will love the combination of subtle character development and grand scenery with our attempt to combine Art-house and Blockbuster in the same package where the characters and armies face battles, but feel grounded and real, even though they are set in a fantasy setting with more options for drama in those circumstances. They will love it because it will feature high amount of contrast between the small build in humorous moments (Ayko and friends joking, having a laugh, enjoying the carefree life), Suspenseful scenes (Camping in the Spirited Forest, Waiting for an Impending Attack) and melancholic sequences (loosing your child, regaining hope, starting to care again) while also featuring romantic scenes (Adriana - Tren, Ayko - Adam - Ezriel). We hope they will experience the genre cross over - Epic Fantasy, War movie, “Historical” Drama, Conspiracy - as a breath of fresh air whilst the core of the story stays relevant and gripping to watch.


If you are interested to get in touch write or call Jonas here +49 179 2409122 or here