... is a CU (Cinematic Universe) in preparation. It draws inspiration from Star Wars, Warhammer 40k and Science & is purposed to be ground for a more interactive lore based universe including a 5000 year old individual history, planets, factions and technologies that are prepared for use in games, movies and TV-productions.

In conversation with the fans and consumers we want to create a more exciting world to explore and open ways for new ways of storytelling - allegorical and mythological - and offer a history that is more accessible, bendable (in communication with the lore makers) and easier re-searchable then actual world history.

On a business stage we want to provide everyone who can prove that they are able to produce quality with an universe that will get numbers up on steam and buds in seats without huge fees for the production but with all the upsides of a fully fleshed out Universe having their back.